Brewish LED Jellyfish lamp Aquarium Electric Lava Light with 18 Color Changing Mood Desk Lamp

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  • 💡 Versatile Aquarium Jellyfish Lava Lamp – Home Decorations are now more elegant with our Aquarium Lamp. It is suitable for Home décor, Office Table Lamp, Bedroom Night Light and Party Decoration. It is ideal for any room and all age group. You can also mix and match other marine animals to better artificial decorative effect, just like a mini aquarium.
  • 🚦 Mood Lighting Color Changing Lamp – Our Jellyfish Lamp comes with 18 color changing options and 4 settings to match your mood. The Lifelike Jellyfishes moving with changing light will create a Dazzling effect and Mesmerize the viewers. With RFD technology remote, you can control the lamp from a greater distance.
  • 🧝🏽 Fantasy Kids Loving Lamp – Create a Deep Sea Ambience in the room of Kids. It helps them to reduce their anxiety and stress. Best Entertainer for Annoyed Kids due to Lockdown. The lamp improves the color recognition ability. This is both educational and creates a peaceful and soothing environment for children to fall asleep which makes it perfect gift for kids.
  • 😇For Peace of Mind – Let people immerse themselves in the peace and tranquility of the ocean. This hypnotic jellyfish aquarium lamp helps to reduce stress and makes it best choice to gift your loved ones. This Mood Light Aquarium lamp is also a fascinating Night light radiate the dim room with magical brightness.
  • 🛡️Sensory Lamp Feature & Buyer Guarantee: The sensory simulation makes it Ideal for children with autism, ADHD and special need. Brewish is committed to providing 100% service satisfaction to all buyers. We provide 30 Days Money Back Guarantee to this lamp against manufacturing defects. Kindly contact us if you need help. Please rest assured to buy.

Brewish Aquarium Jellyfish Lava Lamp

This product is from the house of Brewish – Pioneer in manufacturing LED Lava Lamps. Brewish is committed to produce the best premium stuff to facilitate and serve people in a desirable wishing atmosphere. We are plunging all the attention to turn out wonderful and satisfied services. Consumer’s satisfaction would always place on a top prior position.

Remote with RFD Technology

Unlike others, the remote works on RFD Technology so that you can operate Jellyfish Lamp from Longer distance.

Larger than others

Our Jellyfish lamp has a larger diameter tube. So larger lamps for longer happiness.

Auto Shutdown

For best performance and durability our Jellyfish Lamp will switch off automatically after 4 Hours. So, don’t worry if you forget to switch off the lamp.

ON/OFF Select Switch

A special switch on the lamp to switch on and off (Don’t worry if you are not able to find the remote).

Get Rid of Boredom at your Office

Best addition to your work desk

Feeling tired after the hectic work schedule? Stare at the Jellyfish Lava Lamp for a few minutes. The movement of Jellyfish in the tank with changing colours will create a soothing effect on your mind and helps you to reduce the tension. You can also change the colour of the Jellyfish Lamp based on your mood.

Best Christmas or Birthday gift for Children.

If you are looking for some cool gifts to present a Kid, then Brewish Jellyfish Aquarium Lamp is the best option. The rhythmic movement of jellyfishes in the tank will calm the child mind and helps them to fall asleep. The lamp can also be used as Kids Night Lamp.

Let your Beloved ones to remember you always

Best Valentine Gift ever!

The best gift for your loved ones is our Brewish Jellyfish LED Light Lamp. Whenever your loved one looks at this lamp they remember you. The moving jellyfishes under changing colours look so beautiful and romantic. This lamp also reduces the stress and depression of your loved person.

For the Peace of Mind


  • Fill Aquarium to the Top (Distilled water recommended)
  • Add 2-3 drops of liquid dish washing detergent.
  • Turn on the switch at least 30 seconds before putting the jellyfish in the aquarium.
  • Put the jellyfish UPSIDE DOWN into the tank.
  • Try to avoid air bubbles forming on the jellyfish. If necessary, you can use a straw or stick to help remove the air bubbles.
  • Now Turn on the Lamp and enjoy it

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  1. ilikedealza2z

    I bought this product a few days ago and I love it so much!! It arrived a few days earlier then I was expecting which was a plus. Along with the product being very beautiful and useful throughout the night. Which is why I recommended to all to buy. It looks so nice and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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